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NAMI Minnesota
800 Transfer Road, #31
Saint Paul, MN 55114

phone: 651-645-2948
toll free: 1-888-NAMI-Helps
fax: 651-645-7379


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STAFF (*part-time)

General Voice Mail: 651-645-2948 x100     General E-Mail:

NAMIWalks Coordinator: Raquel Grad at or 651-645-2948 x112

Sue Abderholden, Executive Director: 651-645-2948 x105 or

Sharon Bastin, Data Specialist: 651-645-2948 x122 or

Kara Bennett, Outreach Director: 651-645-2948 x114 or

*Morgan Caldwell, Peer Programming Coordinator: 651-645-2948 x121

*Tracey Daniels, Helpline Advocate: 651-645-2948 x126 or

Jessica DeWolfe, Wellness Coordinator: 651-646-2948 x124 or

*Marilyn Dornfeld, Program Coordinator: 651-645-2948 x131 or

Daniel Evans, Public Policy Director, 651-645-2948 x107 or

Cynthia Fashaw, Children's Programs & Multicultural Outreach Director: 651-645-2948 x108 or

Donna Fox, Program Director: 651-645-2948 x101 or

Raquel Grad, Special Events Director: 651-645-2948 x112 or

Kate Hersey, Volunteer Resources Coordinator: 651-645-2948 x110 or

*Liz Johnson, Administrative Assistant:

*Brian Jost, Public Awareness & Peer Programming Director: 651-645-2948 x116 or

Kay King, Older Adults Program Director: 651-645-2948 x 113 or

Chuck Krueger, Communications Director: 651-645-2948 x103 or

Dara Larson, MNsure Project Coordinator: 651-645-2948 x117 or

Andrea Lee, Director of Youth Programming: 651-645-2948 x106 or

*Kylie MacLeod, Resource Representative

*Mackenzie Mestelle, Outreach Assistant

Margaret Miles, Director of Advancement: 651-645-2948 x104 or

*Sue Mitchell, Booth Coordinator: 651-645-2948 x120

Suzette Scheele, Finance Director: 651-645-2948 x102 or

*Ashley Sugalski, Marketing Coordinator, 651-645-2948 x134 or

*Steve Susens, Data Entry Manager:

Genna Torney, Affiliate Engagement Coordinator: 651-645-2948 x118 or

Cari Wegner-Juarez, Parent Leader: 651-645-2948 x130 or

*Bre Young, Administrative Assistant