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ACTION ALERT - Feb. 19, 2017

Support School-Linked Mental Health Services

 NAMI Minnesota's bill that would expand school-linked mental health services to more districts and buildings in Minnesota is being heard this Wednesday - February 22 - at 1 p.m. in the House Health and Human Services Finance committee and we need your support.

School-linked mental health services have proven to be one of the most effective programs at reducing barriers to children and youth accessing mental health treatment. This system works because it treats kids where they already are: in school.

- Increases accessibility by removing barriers such as transportation, navigating system, taking off of work, etc.
- Protects privacy of students by creating a firewall between educational and mental health records.
- Creates collaboration between teachers and mental health providers.
- Half of students served received mental health care for the first time and half of these students had a serious mental illness.
- Results in good outcomes - high treatment completion rates, lower suspension rates, improved mental health status.

School-linked programs work but more Minnesota kids need access to school-linked mental health services (only a little over 40% of school buildings in MN have a program) and NAMI's bill H.F. 960 does just that. We thank our chief author, Rep Backer and the co-authors: Davnie, Loon, Erickson, Halverson and Peterson. We are thrilled that our bill is getting a hearing this Wednesday, but there's still more work to do. We need testifiers and we need you to contact your legislator.

Are you a parent whose child has been received help from school-linked mental health services? Can we count on you to tell your story to help more Minnesota kids?

We urgently need parents to tell their own story about how school-linked mental health services have helped their children and their families. If you can come, we will happily pay for your parking and transportation. Please email Sue at ASAP.  We can also use letters of support from providers, schools, professionals, teachers, principals, superintendents and paraprofessionals. Those can be scanned and e-mailed to Sue as well.Contact your representative by email or phone before Wednesday and urge them to support H.F. 960.  Here's all you have to say:

I am a NAMI member and I (live with a mental illness, have a loved one with a mental illness, work in the mental health field, etc.) and I urge you to support H.F. 960 this Wednesday. School-linked mental health services make a difference in the lives of Minnesota children living with a mental illness. Over half of the students served by school-linked mental health services received mental health care treatment for the first time and half of those students were found to have a serious mental illness. These programs make a difference by identifying and treating children early. Please support this bill.

Even if you aren't a parent with school age children we can still use your help. If you're representative serves on the Health and Human Service Finance committee (listed below), then you can make a difference by calling him/her. Thank you so much and know that your voice DOES make a difference! Questions?  Email Sue Abderholden at

38B - Matt Dean: 651-296-3018

55B - Tony Albright: or 651-296-5185

64A - Erin Murphy: or 651-296-8799

62B - Susan Allen: or 651-296-7152

12A - Jeff Backer (chief author): or 651-296-4949

19B - Jack Considine: or 651-296-3248

43A - Peter Fischer: or 651-296-5363

8B -  Mary Franson: or 651-296-3201

18B - Glenn Gruenhagen: or 651-296-4229

21A - Barb Haley: or 651-296-8635

51B - Laurie Halverson: or 651-296-4128

22B - Rod Hamilton: or 651-296-5373

10A - Josh Heintzeman: or 651-296-4333

32A - Brian Johnson: or 651-296-4346

26A - Tina Liebling: or 651-296-0573

60A - Diane Loeffler: or 651-296-4219

39B - Kathy Lohmer: or 651-296-4244

55A - Bob Loonan: or 651-296-8872

26B - Nels Pierson: or 651-296-4378

64B - Dave Pinto: or 651-296-4199

22A - Joe Schomacker: or 651-296-5505

7A -  Jennifer Schultz: or 651-296-2228

30A - Nick Zerwas: or 651-296-4237