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Action Alert - May 18

Today, the house passed their bonding bill through both the Capital Investment Committee and Ways and Means. While there is some funding for the Minnesota Security Hospital (MSH), the house majority chose to not fully fund phase 2 renovations, excluding the development of the transitional program building on the lower campus of St. Peter. The delay will impact the overall therapeutic environment and require more staff to transport patients safely from the current transitions program to the MSH campus. 

Governor Dayton and the Senate has proposed $90M for housing - including for supportive housing - the house bonding bill includes none at all. Zero dollars. Persons with mental illnesses need safe, affordable, stabling housing to support recovery. 

We are encouraging everyone to contact the Republican members of the Capital Investment Committee who voted in favor of the bill RIGHT AWAY and to the Speaker of the House, Kurt Daudt (R) at 651-296-5364 or 800-710-7642 or 

Leave this simple message: I am a NAMI member and I urge you to fully fund the phase 2 renovations at the Minnesota Security Hospital AND to fund affordable housing so that people have a safe place to work on their recovery. We want to reduce recidivism in our jails and readmissions to our hospitals. In order to continue to build our mental health system we MUST expand our affordable supportive housing options. 

Paul Torkelson (R) -

Chris Swedzinski (R) -

Tony Albright (R) -

Jeff Howe (R) -

Tim O'Driscoll (R) -

Jason Rarick (R) -

Linda Runbeck (R) -

Dennis Smith (R) -

Tama Theis (R) -

Mark Uglem (R) -

Dean Urdahl (R) -

Bob Vogel (R) -