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Multicultural Young Adult MH Advisory Board Forms

NAMI Minnesota kicked off its newest cultural initiative, the Multicultural Young Adult Mental Health Advisory Board last Fall. This grassroots youth board will provide outreach, education and resources to the multicultural communities in which each member is a part. When full, the board will include 14 young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 from varied cultural communities.

Board members will provide outreach to their cultural communities and develop initiatives to guide outreach and community involvement.  Board members will develop and implement a culturally relevant anti-stigma campaign within their communities, will be trained to recognize early warning signs of mental health, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, and will promote mental health awareness.

Board members learn three mental health trainings, work in subgroups to modify the trainings to ensure cultural relevance and appropriateness for the member’s cultural community.  Each Multicultural Young Adult Board member will implement the anti-stigma campaign in their community and present a mental health training a minimum of once during their board term.

The board currently has six unfilled positions.  We are looking for young adults from multicultural communities between the ages of 18 and 30 to serve a one-year term.  We are looking for candidates who are passionate about promoting mental wellness and providing education and support to their cultural population. Meetings are held monthly for 2 hours.