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New Action Alert on Stopping MA Work Requirements

April 7, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has already contacted your legislator regarding work requirements for Medical Assistance eligibility. Your voice matters and the only way we can stop these draconian bills from becoming law is if we all work together and make our voices heard.

NAMI Minnesota is a strong proponent of work and the role it can play in someone's recovery from a mental illness. However, people living with a mental illness face numerous additional barriers to finding and maintaining employment. Fluctuating symptoms, instability in other parts of their life like housing our substance use disorder, or experience with the criminal justice system can stand between a person with a mental illness and finding the right job.

HF 3722/ SF 3611 does not provide one dollar towards helping someone find employment. Instead, it creates a complex bureaucratic process for MA eligibility that will make it harder for everyone, but especially people with a mental illness to keep their health insurance.

While these bills do offer exemptions for those on disability, the elderly, or parents with children, these exemptions do not provide meaningful protections for people with a mental illness. NAMI Minnesota has developed a handout that includes more detail on the bill and why we oppose it. Click here to read it. 

You should also check out this great opinion piece from the Pioneer Press, as well as this CityPages Report on an amendment from Sen. Lourey.

We need your help to stop this bill!

NAMI Minnesota is counting on you to contact your legislators and urge them to vote no on HF 3722 / SF 3611! Please call or email your legislator by April 10th! Here's what you have to say:

Hello. My name is ______ and I am a NAMI member and I live in (name of town/city). I am urging you to oppose HF 3722/SF3611. I value work and the important role that it can play in someone's recovery from a mental illness, but I am strongly opposed to any legislation that will result in fewer people having access to mental health treatment. This bill will create a complex and expensive bureaucratic process that will get between people and the care that they need. People cannot work when their symptoms are overwhelming and they are in treatment. This bill is wrong and will negatively impact people with a mental illness. Please oppose this bill. Thank you for your time. 

Here are the members of the House Ways and Means Committee:
14B: Rep. Jim Knoblach from St. Cloud - 651-296-6612
20A: Rep. Bob Vogel from Elko New Market - 651-296-7065
45A: Rep. Lyndon Carlson from Crystal - 651-296-4255
44A: Rep. Sarah Anderson from Plymouth - 651-296-5511
17B: Rep. Dave Baker from Willmar - 651-296-6206
28B: Rep. Greg Davids from Preston - 651-296-9278
38B: Rep. Matt Dean from Delwood - 651-296-3018
39A: Rep. Bob Dettmer from Forest Lake - 651-296-4124
21B: Rep. Steve Drazkowski from Mazeppa - 651-296-2273
01A: Rep. Dan Fabian from Roseau - 651-296-9635
58B: Rep. Pat Garofalo from Farmington - 651-296-1069
23A: Rep. Bob Gunther from Fairmont - 651-296-3240
22B: Rep. Rod Hamilton from Mountain Lake - 651-296-5373
66A: Rep. Alice Hausman from St. Paul - 651-296-3824
33A: Rep. Jerry Hertaus from Greenfield - 651-296-9188
40B: Rep. Deb Hilstrom from Brooklyn Center - 651-296-3709
61A: Rep. Frank Hornstein from Minneapolis - 651-296-9281
26A: Rep. Tina Liebling from Rochester - 651-296-0573
48B: Rep. Jenifer Loon from Eden Prairie - 651-296-7449
04B: Rep. Paul Marquart from Dilworth - 651-296-6829
64A: Rep. Erin Murphy from St. Paul - 651-296-8799
08A: Rep. Bud Nornes from Fergus Falls - 651-296-4946
28A: Rep. Gene Pelowski Jr from Winona - 651-296-8637
27B: Rep. Jeanne Poppe from Austin - 651-296-4193
16B: Rep. Paul Torkelson form Hanska - 651-296-9303
18A: Rep. Dean Urdahl from Grove City - 651-296-4344
63B: Rep. Jean Wagenius from Minneapolis - 651-296-4200

Here are the Members of the Senate Finance Committee:
23: Sen. Julie Rosen from Vernon Center - 651-296-5713
13: Sen. Michelle Fischbach from Paynesville - 651-296-2084
64: Sen. Richard Cohen from St. Paul - 651-296-5931
31: Sen. Michelle Benson from Ham Lake - 651-296-3219
59: Sen. Bobby Joe Champion from Minneapolis - 651-296-9246
40: Sen. Chris Eaton from Brooklyn Center - 651-296-8869
08: Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen from Alexandria - 651-297-8063
34: Sen. Warren Limmer from Maple Grove - 651-296-2159
11: Sen. Tony Lourey from Kerrick - 651-296-0293
66: Sen. John Marty from Roseville - 651-296-5645
26: Sen. Carla Nelson from Rochester - 651-296-4848
18: Sen. Scott Newman from Hutchinson - 651-296-4131
12: Sen. Torrey Westrom from Elbow Lake - 651-296-3826

Do you have a personal story about accessing Medical Assistance, the challenges of getting certified as disabled, or about the challenges of finding and keeping a job when living with a mental illness? If so, please contact Sam Smith as soon as possible to discuss sharing your story!