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BPD Research Study for Families

Cultural anthropologist Maureen O’Dougherty (Ph.D. City University of New York; resident faculty at Metropolitan State University) is conducting a qualitative study with individuals who have a family member that lives with Borderline Personality Disorder. Participation in the study entails taking part in an interview with the researcher to discuss what the experience of BPD in the family has been like for them as parents or siblings. Results of the study will be used to inform advocates for families of those who live with BPD, as well as professionals who work with people living with BPD. The information gathered is intended to aid in the development of better tools and resources to address the needs of individuals with BPD and their families. If interested in learning more about the study, please call or text Dr. O’Dougherty at 612-508-3007 or email her at . (Posted 8-11-17)