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Classes for Professionals

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Adult Foster Care Mental Health Certification Training Learn about mental health diagnoses, crisis response and deescalation techniques, treatment options, recovery, medications and their side effects, co-occurring disorder, community resources and more. This workshop meets the seven hours of annual training as required under the law for corporate adult foster care providers.

Allies in Recovery Learn about the important role families play in a person’s recovery. This online workshop covers issues that families have identified as important to them, such as: how to engage them, information sharing, and involvement in treatment planning. This online workshop is for mental health and health care professionals. Self-directed training can be completed in about 40 minutes. You may download and print a course completion certificate. Provides 2 CEUs upon completion. (Take class, here.)

Compassion into Action: Recognizing and Responding to Patients with Mental Illnesses Learn about the impact that attitudes towards people with mental illnesses have on receiving appropriate treatment and deescalation techniques and learn how to respond with empathy. This online workshop is for hospital staff and health care personnel, particularly people who work in the emergency room. Self-directed training can be completed in about 40 minutes. You may download and print a course completion certificate. Provides 2 CEUs upon completion. (Take class, here.)

Criminal Justice Training Receive an overview of the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses. This workshop also provides scenarios that offer specific techniques to help deescalate a mental health crisis in a correctional setting. This workshop, which can be tailored to the group, is for anyone working in the criminal justice area.

Understanding Early Episode Psychosis – For Professionals
Early identification is essential to improving outcomes for individuals experiencing their first episode of psychosis. Attendees will learn how to identify the warning signs of psychosis, talk to young people who may be experiencing symptoms, and review the latest treatment recommendations. This free class is recommended for school personnel, social workers, first responders, and mental health professionals. Approved by the Board of Social Work, St. Paul, Minnesota (Approval #CEP-83) to provide 2 CEUs upon completion.

Gray Matters – Learn the risk factors and warning signs of mental illnesses in older adults. Participants will also learn about treatment, management and recovery; learn strategies for working with someone with acute symptoms or emerging symptoms; and learn about resources for older adults. There is a series of five workshops: Understanding Depression in Older Adults – 1.25 hours; Understanding Anxiety in Older Adults – 1.5 hours; Substance Abuse in Older Adults  - 2 hours; Understanding Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder in Older Adults - 2 hours; and  Mental Illnesses Co-Occurring with Dementia in Older Adults – 2.5 hours. These workshops are for anyone working with older adults such as nursing homes, assisted living, day programs, senior centers, senior housing, assisted living pastoral care staff, church befrienders, Steven’s Ministry volunteers, case managers, Meals on Wheels volunteers etc.

Public Safety Mental Health First Aid – Learn options to respond to a mental health crisis such as how to deescalate incidents and increase understanding of mental illnesses in order to respond to mental health related calls appropriately without compromising safety. This eight-hour workshop is for police, first responders, corrections officers, and other public safety audiences.

Recognizing Early Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents Learn about mental illnesses in students, the impact on a student’s success in school and how parents and teachers can work together as allies to support these students. This two-hour workshop meets the continuing education requirement for teachers.

Smoking Cessation – Learn about cessation planning tools, treatment options, and relapse prevention strategies. People living with mental illnesses use tobacco at rates two to three times higher than the general population, and it is important to address this disparity in order to improve quality of life. This one-hour workshop provides smoking cessation training to staff of mental health centers and community support programs and includes information on cessation planning tools, treatment options, and how to integrate smoking cessation into current services. There is a one-hour version also designed for people with mental illnesses who are interested in learning how to quit smoking.