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Adults Living with a Mental Illness

Find Support Groups

NAMI Connection recovery support groups, Open Door anxiety & panic disorder support groups and Dual Diagnosis support groups.

Find Resources

Hope for Recovery: Minnesota's Adult Mental Health Resource Guide (Sept. 2016) - A resource booklet for navigating the mental health system in Minnesota. Download, here.

Find adult mental health programs and resources (ARMHS, ACT, IRTS programs, etc.), here.

Find adult mental health crisis resources, crisis providers, provider directories and helplines, here.

Increasing the Lifespan

An initiative to improve the average lifespan of Minnesotans with serious mental illnesses by 10 years within the next ten years has been started. The first step to accomplishing this goal is to educate persons living with a serious mental illness, their families, mental health professionals and primary care physicians about the importance of annual health care screenings. More, here.