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Families of Children & Adolescents

Find Parent Resource Support Groups, here.

Article on School Avoidance - "I'm Not Going to School Today"

Parent Peer Navigators in Dakota County

NAMI Minnesota has received a grant from the Dakota County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative to develop a Parent Peer Specialist Program that will connect families with a Parent Peer Navigator to help them understand and access appropriate treatment for their child. Parent Navigators have personal experience within the children’s mental health system and will work closely with families to help them identify needed services, gather necessary information, and coordinate planning meetings with service providers. Parents of children residing in Dakota County can be referred by their child’s school, a mental health agency or by contacting NAMI at 651-645-2948.

Parent Warmline: Feeling isolated & overwhelmed by your child’s behaviors or mental illnesses? Not sure where to start or who to talk to? No time to attend support groups or classes? Even phone calls a challenge? Connect with a parent peer specialist through NAMI’s parent email warmline.


NAMI Booklets
Transitions (Sept. 2016) - Information and resources to assist parents in supporting their young adult with a mental illness. Download, here.
Understanding Psychosis - Resources & Recovery (Sept. 2016) - A resource guide to help young people, parents and loved ones understand warning signs and causes of psychosis, advocacy, evidence based treatment practices and supports available to help get young people back to their lives, work and school. Download, here.
• Mental Health Crisis Planning for Children (Feb. 2016) - Learn to recognized, manage, prevent and plan for your child's mental health crisis. Download, here. Also find booklet in Hmong and Somali.
• Children's Psychiatric Hospitalization (Sept. 2015) - What you need to know when a child is hospitalized. Download, here. Audio, here.
Keeping Families Together (Feb. 2016) - A resource guide for families to understand intensive treatment options for children with mental illnesses. Download, here.  Voluntary Placement Form, here.

NAMI Minnesota's "Family Involvement" brochure helps families and professionals understand changes in the data privacy laws that allow limited but important information to be released to families.
• Getting Help for Youth (TPT video), here.
• Getting Ready for Your Next IEP Meeting, here.
• Foods that Help Mental Health, here.
• Facts on Voluntary Foster Care Placement, here.
• The Pupil Fair Dismissal Act, here.
• Advocating for Your Child, 25 Tips, here.
• When Children Have a Mental Illness, here.
• What Youth Need to Know if Questioned by Police, here.
• Autism & Aspergers websites, here.

Reaching Out to Youth in Crisis – MN Health Care News/Sept. 2015

Children's Challenging Behaviors Workshops
This 6-hour workshop is for parents of children with challenging behaviors. Information is provided on childhood mental health disorders along with support and strategies for home and school. To register, call Cynthia at 651-645-2948 x108.  Find other related classes.

IEP and Inclusion Tips for Parents, here.

Trauma & Resilience, here.

Guidelines for Using Psychotropic Medications with Children
From A Pediatric Perspective, "Nationwide, there is a shortage of child psychiatrists, especially those who work with special needs populations, and Minnesota and the surrounding region are no exception. As a result, there is a greater likelihood that primary care providers will be asked to treat patients who have behavioral disorders. Pediatric Perspective on Provider Guidelines.

Children's Evidence-Based Practice Fact Sheets:

Children's ADHD Fact Sheet
Children's Depression Fact Sheet
Children's Anxiety Disorders Fact Sheet
Children's Disruptive Behavior, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder Fact Sheet
Children's Substance Abuse Disorders Fact Sheet
Children's Eating Disorders Fact Sheet
Children's Trauma and PTSD Fact Sheet

Resource for American Indian Families - “Childrens Challenging Behaviors A Six Session Workshop for American Indian Families - Oshki Bi’maa-diziwin’Anishinabe” has been developed by NAMI Minnesota. For more information about this resource guide, contact Cynthia Fashaw at 651-645-2948 x108.

Behavioral Institute for Children & Adolescents, here.

Keeping Families Together trainings provide information for families and professionals on voluntary placement agreements and the children's mental health system. Learn about Voluntary Placement Agreements that allow families to maintain custody of a child while obtaining necessary funding for the child's treatment.