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Smoking Cessation

Regulating E-Cigarettes & Tobacco

In July 2017, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a new plan for regulating tobacco products. Over 200,000 individuals living with a mental illness in the United States die from tobacco related causes every year.

The FDA’s new approach acknowledges that tobacco smoke containing over 7,000 harmful chemicals is responsible for poor health outcomes, while nicotine is responsible for addiction.

This plan will focus on reducing nicotine in cigarettes and increasing the public’s awareness around the harms of tobacco smoke to decrease use of tobacco products in the future. These changes will build on previous regulations implemented in the 2009 Tobacco Control Act to more effectively monitor manufacturing, distribution and marketing of tobacco products.

Another key component to this new approach is providing individuals with alternatives to cigarettes. As a result, the FDA is extending deadlines for submissions of tobacco product review applications for novel products.

Applications for review of combustible products such as cigars, pipe tobacco and hookah can be submitted by August 2021 and by August 2022 for non-combustible products (e.g., e-cigarettes).

Initially regulations including review of ingredients, design, health risks and the product’s appeal to youth would have gone into effect in August 2017. Currently, novel tobacco products are sold without review, which does raise concerns about delaying monitoring of products with still unknown health risks.

Survey on Smoking and Mental Illness

Are you a mental health or substance use disorder provider? Will you help us improve smoking cessation practices? As part of NAMI's work, we are continually looking to meet the needs of the populations we serve through our trainings. Here is a link to a survey on smoking and mental illness. We hope you will take this survey and forward it on to other staff to help us improve our future trainings.

Quitting Smoking May Aid Mental Health

Smoking rates across the nation have been steadily decreasing over the past two decades due to increased awareness of the health risks, but rates have remained steady among people living with mental illnesses. A commonly cited reason for this is that smoking is an important coping mechanism and helps treat symptoms of mental illness such as stress and anxiety. However, studies have not supported this and in fact most have found quitting smoking may improve mental health. A review of 26 studies discovered that quitting led to decreases in anxiety, depression, and stress and improvements in quality of life and positive moods. This along with the physical health risks of smoking make it important to address tobacco use as part of recovery from mental illness. Access full study.

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