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Speakers Bureau

Creating Caring Communities

Learn about mental illnesses, the impact of negative attitudes and five things each of us can do to make Minnesota a better place for people who experience a mental illness. This one-hour workshop is for any community or organization interested in learning about mental illnesses and helping to change attitudes towards mental illnesses.

Creating Caring Faith Communities

Increase your understanding of the role faith and faith communities play in recovery for people living with mental illnesses as you increase your understanding of mental illnesses, learn the impact of the associated stigma, and learn about NAMI and its resources.
* Crookston, May 8, 11:00-Noon, Trinity Lutheran Church, 205 South Broadway, Hosted by the Adult Mental Health LAC

Together We Can Make It OK

The MakeItOk presentation provides information about mental illnesses, combats stigma and offers helpful hints about how to talk about mental illnesses. To request a MakeItOk presentation in your community click here.  Go to the MakeItOK website.