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Family Shares Journey as Survivors of Suicide

Author Rebecca (Becky) Anderson lost her husband Don to suicide in 2002. She had to navigate the trauma from this tragic loss for herself and her three children ages 5, 7, and 19. As part of the recovery process, Becky and her three kids embarked on a healing journey with artist Laurie Phillips eight years later in 2010.

Each family member had their own story to tell of how the suicide of husband and father impacted their lives. Out of the collaborative art and narrative experience between artist and family came healing and the 5-book set, Suicide Survivors’ Club: A Family’s Journey Through the Death of Their Loved One.

Rebecca and Laurie’s message is focused on opening conversation using art and storytelling; making difficult subject matter a little easier to discuss for suicide loss survivors and others healing from trauma and grief.

Photo: Artist Laurie Phillips and author Rebecca Anderson.