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NAMI Holiday Gift Drive 2017 – Suggested Gifts

NAMI will be accepting Holiday gifts for children and adults hospitalized over the holidays in local psychiatric in-patient units and adults in residential facilities. Particular types of gifts are sought - safe, new and unwrapped gifts, nothing sharp, no ribbons/string/necklaces, and nothing breakable. Please check below for gift suggestions. Gifts can be dropped off at the NAMI office from Dec. 1-19, between 9:00-5:00.

Ways to participate:
* Bring in a personal donation of items for the drive.
* Have a party and put together themed kits (see below).
* Organize a mini-drive at your business, organization, or school to gather items for NAMI.
* If you are outside the metro area, consider partnering with your affiliate and a local residential facility or direct service provider to host a drive of your own.

1) Gifts for children hospitalized over Christmas in inpatient psychiatric wards (ages 6 to 18). Items must be safe (no sharp edges, ribbons, etc.) and can include: art materials, puzzles, games, air dry clay, DVDs (G-rated), origami paper, bingo, legos, large beads for making jewelry, hacky sack, scrapbook supplies, 3D puzzles, cardstock paper, journals (no spiral notebooks), crayons/markers.

2) Gifts for adults with mental illnesses hospitalized over the holidays in inpatient psychiatric wards. Items must be safe (nothing sharp, ribbons, etc.) and can include: novels, word puzzle books, find the words puzzle books, crossword puzzles, puzzles, Sudoku, deck of cards, journals (no spirals notebooks), magazines, nice shampoos, soaps, & lotions (especially for culturally diverse indviduals), socks, hats, gloves, t-shirts (large sizes).

3) Gifts for adults in residential facilities over the holidays. Items can include toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, bodywash), games, puzzles, DVDs, hand-held games, deck of cards, microwave popcorn, calendars, t-shirts, stocking hats, gloves.

Also Themed Kits:

• Art Therapy: watercolor paints, air-dry clay, origami paper, sketch paper/pads, colored pencils, etc.
• Fidget Kits: Stretching or bendy toys, mini-kush or splat balls, small bottles of bubbles, mini play dough, tactile toys, etc.
• Journaling Supplies: non-spiral journal(s), stationary, and nice pens, etc.
• Toiletries: A washcloth (no poufs), body wash, nice soaps, bath items, etc.
• Games: puzzles, board games, Sudoku/Crossword or word-find books, cards/card games, etc.
• Relaxation Kit: stress ball, mini zen garden, workout DVD, meditation CD or book, lavender lotion, spa-type items, etc.