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NAMI Booklets


• Mental Health Crisis Planning for Children (May 2014) - Learn to recognized, manage, prevent and plan for your child's mental health crisis. Download, here.

Juvenile Justice: Advocating for a Child with a Mental Illnesses (March 2014) - Answers questions such as: What if my child is sent to a juvenile detention center? What does my child’s attorney need to know? What can I expect in court?  How can I help my child prepare to leave a correctional or treatment facility? How should I handle a mental health crisis? What do I need to know about calling law enforcement? Download, here.

Transitions (Jan. 2014) - Information and resources to assist parents in supporting their young adult with a mental illness. Download, here.

• Children's Psychiatric Hospitalization (June 2013) - What you need to know when a child is hospitalized. Download, here.

Keeping Families Together - A resource guide for families to understand intensive treatment options for children with mental illnesses. Download, here.  Voluntary Placement Form, here.


Hope for Recovery: Minnesota's Adult Mental Health Resource Guide (August 2014) - A resource booklet for navigating the mental health system in Minnesota. Download, here.

Adult Psychiatric Hospitalization (May 2014) - What you need to know when a loved one is hospitalized. Download, here.

Understanding Data Practices Laws (April 2014) - Download, here. (Also see HIPPA - Questions and Answers for Family Caregivers by Next Step in Care, here.)

Criminal Justice: Advocating for an Adult with a Mental Illness (March 2014) - For anyone trying to advocate for a person with mental illness who has been arrested, is in jail, or is returning to the community after incarceration. Download, here.

Mental Health Crisis Planning for Adults (May 2013) - Download, here.

Understanding the Minnesota Civil Commitment Process (Sept. 2010) - Booklet on dealing with crisis situations, the steps in the process, pre-commitment screening, hospitals and emergency treatment, commitment standards, common questions, and alternatives to commitment. Download, here.

(Single hard copies are available free; multiple copies are available for a small fee. Contact the NAMI office at 651-645-2948.)


NAMI Minnesota's 5-Year Strategic Plan (2013-2018) - Summary is available, here.