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Education Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in helping NAMI Minnesota provide education to people living with mental illnesses and their families. We are always looking for dependable and compassionate individuals to help teach our peer-led classes. All of NAMI Minnesota’s classes are run by trained volunteers, and the role of a teacher is one of managing group dynamics and guiding participants through our pre-packaged curriculum.

Teaching NAMI classes involves a generous commitment on behalf of our volunteers. We ask our teachers to donate 3-6 hours per class session, and teach multiple times a year, for a full year or more. Interested parties are highly encouraged to attend the NAMI class they are interested in teaching, submit their application materials, and arrange their screening interview well in advance of the scheduled training.

To Apply: Please submit the Volunteer Application online. If you are a current NAMI volunteer and have a recent application on-file, there’s no need to re-apply - Just email and include your name, contact information, and the placement/position you are interested in. If you require hard-copy application materials or have further questions, please contact us at 651-645-2948 x110 or via email.

Progression Teacher (Now Recruiting)
Are you looking to help educate, provide support, and empower young adults living with mental illness? If so, consider becoming a NAMI Progression Teacher. Progression is a 6 week course is designed to empower young people to take charge of their lives and deal with the issues they are facing in a healthy and effective way. It offers a safe space where teens living with mental illness can talk about what they're going through. The curriculum helps teens understand how to maintain good mental health; recognize the signs of stress, anxiety, depression and bipolar; help friends and family members understand their experiences; and learn about different types of treatment options.

Potential candidates must be an 18 to 29 year-old person living with a mental illness, who is doing well in recovery. Progression teachers co-teach the course with a partner, and must be willing to commit to teaching two series of 6-week classes over a one-year period.

Family-to-Family Teacher (Now Recruiting)
Have you participated in the 12-week Family-to-Family course offered by NAMI Minnesota and want to provide this resource for others? If so, consider becoming a Family-to-Family Teacher. The Family-to-Family curriculum provides in-depth information on mental illnesses and the mental health system, techniques to help family members deal with their loved one’s illnesses, and connects family members to local resources and support.

Family-to-Family teachers co-teach the course with a partner and spend 3-5 hours weekly preparing and leading class. Potential candidates must be a first-degree family member of someone living with a mental illness and must have successfully completed the Family-to-Family course. Candidates must be willing to commit to teaching two full series of 12-week classes, and offer their courses within two years of training as a Teacher.

Hope for Recovery Teacher (Now Recruiting)
Are you interested in helping to educate others about Mental Illness? If so, consider spending a few Saturdays teaching our Hope for Recovery Workshop. Hope for Recovery is a six-hour course designed for family members who have a loved one living with a mental illness, but is open to the general public. The curriculum focuses on mental illnesses and their treatments, coping strategies and communication tools, and the mental health system and local resources.

Potential candidates must be a first-degree family member of someone living with a mental illness and be willing to commit to teaching three or more classes per year, for a minimum of two years. Preference given to candidates that have participated in the Family-to-Family course. *NAMI is currently seeking bilingual volunteers to teach the Spanish version of the curriculum as well.

Educate Through Outreach…
Check out these additional opportunities to provide information and educate others about mental illness through our outreach programming.

NAMI in the Lobby Volunteer(Now Recruiting)
Provide support to family members and friends who have a loved one in a local hospital. NAMI in the Lobby volunteers provide resources, education, and hope to others, share their personal experiences, and help to make the hospital environment more welcoming. Potential candidates must be a family or friend of someone living with mental illness and have visited that person in an inpatient setting. Volunteers concurrently serve with NAMI and the Hospital Site to provide this service. Please see the full position description for further details.

Speakers Bureau Presenter (Accepting wait-list applications)
Do you feel passionate about reducing stigma and providing education to the masses? If so, consider becoming a member of the NAMI Speakers’ Bureau. Presenters provide a pre-packaged PowerPoint presentation on “Understanding Stigma” to community groups, schools, and other organizations wishing to learn more about NAMI and Mental Illness. Presenters also help to combat stigma by sharing a bit of their personal story and perspective with the audience. Potential candidates should have good communication skills, be willing to learn and follow the presentation model, and be comfortable speaking to a wide variety of audiences. Presenters are asked to make a good faith commitment of two years as a Speakers Bureau Presenter.